Wishlist commissions!

What are wishlist commissions/how does this work?

It's simple! You buy me stuff from my amazon wishlist, and in exchange I draw stuff for you. The total price amount for the art you want is the total amount you need to purchase from my wishlist for said art. Mainly doing this as I cannot accept payment directly for commissions as I do not have paypal, and also some people may find it nice to know where the money they spend on art from me is going.

Shoulders-up sketch$10-$15
Shoulders-up colored sketch$15-$20
Shoulders-up clean lineart$20-$25
Shoulders-up flat colors$25-$30
Shoulders-up full colors$30-$40
Shoulders-up full colors + simple background$40-$55
Thighs-up sketch$20-$25
Thighs-up colored sketch$25-$30
Thighs-up clean line art$30-$35
Thighs-up flat colors$35-$45
Thighs-up full colors$45-$55
Thighs-up full colors + simple background$55-$70
Full body sketch$25-$30
Full body colored sketch$30-$35
Full body clean lineart$35-$45
Full body flat colors$45-$50
Full body full colors$50-$60
Full body full colors + simple background$60-$75

*Amount of detail will also play a factor in pricing. For more detailed characters or characters with features that are harder for me to draw, I would prefer a wishlist item total in the upper end of the price range for the piece you are wanting.

*Table prices are for sfw artwork of a single character. For couples/multiple characters and more complex backgrounds, contact me for pricing. I currently do not do nsfw.

What I can do

What I'm not that great at/not that confident in my abilities to draw but can try to do

How to commission?

Send me an email at yokairamune@gmail.com with "wishlist commission" in the subject. Tell me what you're wanting, and I can find some items from my wishlist with a total adding up to the price of the art. Or you could look at my wishlist beforehand and if there's anything you really want me to have on there or would like to get me, tell me what items when sending your email.
For original characters I can do characters who do not have a ref sheet as long as you have some sort of reference material. It can be anything from art you've made, picrew/dollmaker images of your character, reference images made using a free base or lineart, images from various sites like google or pintrest of the kind of hair, outfit, etc. the character has, etc. I can also draw you or your friends or your favorite celebrity or whatever as long as you send photos for reference.
If you have any sort of pose, expression, outfit, etc. in mind, please let me know! Reference images are a huge help, instead of trying to describe a pose you want if you can send me a photo of a person in the pose you want/a similar pose, a photo you took specifically of the pose, or even a stick figure drawing of the pose can be helpful if that's all you can send!
If you'd rather leave things like pose, outfit, expression, etc. up to me, you can tell me a but about the character and what they like, what their personality is, etc. to help with that if you'd like.
For line art I will send a work in progress image when the sketch is done. For flat colors I will send work in progress images at the sketch and lineart stage. And so on with every stage going up in type of art you commissioned. This is so that if you want any changes I can make them when it will be the quickest/easiest to. When you receive a work in progress image, please let me know if you want any changes!
If you would like, if there are more than one items we agree to you purchasing for me from my wishlist in exchange for artwork, you can purchase one or two before you get the artwork and the rest after you get a heavily watermarked low-res version of the final piece. You will then get the unwatermarked high-res version after you purchase the other items.
While I can't make you sign a legally binding terms of service easily without something like a paypal invoice for this, doesn't matter too much anyway since my terms of service for commissions are pretty lax. As long as you do not remove my signature, do not claim the art as your own, and tell people that you commissioned it from me when asked who drew it, we good.
If you commission lineart from me and want to color it yourself, you're free to do so as long as you do not claim the lineart as your own, you do not remove my signature, and you credit me for the lineart. If you'd like to do this you can ask for a transparent version of the image. Also if you do color lineart you commissioned from me please tag me in it or something because I'd love to see it!


Oni horn version of my monstersona. This would be shoulders-up full color + simple background.

My therapist wanted me to draw myself as a superhero. I'm not that into superheroes so I did magical boy instead. This would be full body full colors + simple background.

Fan art of Windblade from Transformers Cyberverse. This would be full body full colors + simple background.

Page of TF-related fan art warmup sketches. Bakeneko Windblade, Grimlock (ft. a butterfly), and Blades and Dani taking a selfie together (in which I had forgot some detals but eh just a warmup doodle). Colored sketches will be like these except taking up the whole page (and won't have missing details like the Blade and Dani one).

Fan art of the unit Beit from the iDOM@STER: SideM. This would be multiple characters, full colors + simple background. (I typically do not do multiple characters.) This is from back when I posted art under the username roadkillcult.

Another peice from back when I went by roadkillcult. The yokai Amabie for the jp twitter trend of drawing her to wish people luck towards staying healthy (because of the tale of her warning a village of a plague and when the plague struck those who were shown a painting of her were cured). My interpretation takes inspiration from a lot of the different interpretations I've seen that I liked, most notable the one from teh 2007 reboot of GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Some high fashion kitsune girl I guess. Another piece from my roadkillcult days.

While not something I offer for commissions, thought I'd include these anyway. Some designs I sketched out, the first (another relic of my days as roadkillcult), a set of lolita dresses based on Kitaro and Nekomusume from GeGeGe no Kitaro for my friend and I. The second, an idea for a hakama skirt and haori using some fabric I got and some matching accessories.

Another thing I do not offer as a commission type but thought I'd include anyway. Reference sheet for my monstersona.

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